CPTED Consulting Services Available

Development Plan Review

Perform analysis of proposed building plans for residential, non-residential, parks & open space projects. Recommendations are provided to reduce criminal opportunity through land use planning, architectural features, circulation systems, landscaping, and physical security devices. Provide input into Environmental Impact Reports regarding potential criminal activity, demand on law enforcement services, and measures to take to mitigate the concerns.

Many agency clients do not pay for this service as it is a developer-funded part of the plan review process.

Ordinance Development

Develop ordinances relating to land use issues and demand on police services. Review building plans to insure compliance with security ordinance requirements. Assist agencies in developing and implementing a building security ordinance.

Community Analysis

Analyze existing residential communities which are experiencing significantly high levels of crime related to illegal drug activity. Provide recommendations to reduce criminal opportunity and return control of community back o residents using short and long term measures.

Downtown, Redevelopment and Park Analyses

Review existing conditions where fear of crime and criminal activity are considered to be problems which keep citizens from utilizing these areas. An analysis of the locations is conducted and recommendations made to reduce criminal opportunity and fear of crime which would then encourage greater use of these facilities.

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