Mini Seminars

Cafeteria Style Training

For those who need a refresher course or further information on a selected topic, the cafeteria training approach is designed to meet that need. Training sessions last between two and three hours depending upon the course of instruction. There may be two or three topics presented during the day and are generally meant to be an in-depth review of the subject material.

Customized Instruction

In addition to the three standard courses, a customized course can be developed for an agency with experienced CPTED personnel who wish to cover topics specific to their community. Topics and course instruction issues are developed with input from the requesting agency. Number of days allotted for instruction along with the participants level of CPTED experience is considered in developing customized courses.

Introduction to CPTED

A four-hour seminar is offered for personnel who do not necessarily work in CPTED on a continual basis, but need a more in-depth understanding than can be provided in a two-hour overview. Planners, planning commissioners, public works staff, law enforcement management, parks department, and community organization members are the primary target audience. This seminar examines the application of CPTED in various environments and incorporates problem-solving by participants in a workshop approach.

CPTED Executive Overview

To introduce the concepts of CPTED to elected officials, planning commissioners, and executive staff personnel, a two-hour seminar is offered. The purpose of this seminar is to acquaint decision-makers with CPTED and the long-term benefits of utilizing these concepts. It is a highly condensed, fast paced seminar with a very good, quick overview of CPTED concepts and applications.

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