CPTED Training Locations & Fees

Upcoming Standard CPTED Training Classes

None presently scheduled. Call for customized training.

Customized CPTED Training Locations

CPTED training locations and dates are also available on a customized basis. We come to you on an agreed-upon date. You select the type of CPTED training and provide the facility. It is our desire to work with the client to give them what they need including the convenience of not having to travel.

Training facility requirements:

Comfortable environment for learning: heating, air conditioning, lighting (can be dimmed/turned off when using multimedia projector)

Comfortable classroom setting: chairs, tables, ability to view projection screen

Space requirements: seating for anticipated attendees, including tables (minimum 24” wide)

Equipment: white board/markers, multimedia projector (PowerPoint), projection screen, power strip for plugging in computer

Refreshments: any refreshments or meals, if desired, are at the expense of the client

Location: Preferably close to restaurants for lunch

CPTED Training Fees

Unless other arrangements are made, it does not matter if persons outside the organization are invited to attend. The organization can charge what they wish to “outsiders.” There may be a limit on the number of participants due to workshop type training constraints; if so, the client will be advised when setting up the training session as to the maximum number allowed. In most cases, at least 35 persons could attend any CPTED training course.

Except for Mini Seminars, the fees are as follows:

Daily Instructional Fee: $1200

Material Fees: Will vary between $15 and $35 per person depending upon course content

Expenses: Hotel (business class) billed at actual cost; travel billed upon an agreed-upon rate; meals billed upon an agreed upon rate